father turned her into tough nails..

Witches of Blackmere High

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This book follows four teens (Lilith, Daphne, Timmy and Jimmy) who are dabblers in magic. They use their powers to unleash revenge upon their high school classmates for years of adolescent torture (a.k.a teasing) and things are going well…until one of them begins to turn to the dark side. We watch as Lilith, the ring leader, has to put everything back in its place again before events spiral out of control.When the book begins, we see the teens performing magic in front of the school and Lilith’s mother. I wasn’t sure why this would have been allowed (where were the responsible teachers and principals?), and I didn’t understand why the revelation that Lilith and Daphne had made the crowd so thunderstruck. But I pressed on, hoping to get more answers later on.The girls quickly decide to take on ‘clients’ and help other bully victims seek their revenge. The schools’ teachers and principals can’t really seem to stop them, and the teens quickly escalate into fights amongst themselves and with others. At the height of Lilith’s issues, her mom decides to leave town and let her daughter figure it out on her own. But I couldn’t wrap my head around what responsible mother would do that? It didn’t seem plausible. And it was hard to understand what type of universe these kids lived in. There were hints of the town having dabbled in magic before (and therefore not totally shocked when it reared its ugly head), but it was never fully explained. Everyone just seemed so accepting and that kept me from being completely submerged in the book.Witches of Blackmere High is certainly a quick read (it’s a novella), but the plot moved too fast for my liking. I didn’t have a chance to connect with any of the characters at all and their world didn’t seem fleshed out enough for me to understand what was truly going on.While this book has some great bones and an interesting premise, I think future additions to this series need to work out back history for all characters that are involved so that we have a clear understanding of what’s happening and the motivation behind it.All in all, I give Witches of Blackmere High 2.5 out of 5 stars.


The Charities of San Francisco

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The charities of San Francisco. A directory of the benevolent and correctional agencies. Together with a digest of those laws most directly affecting their work (1894). This book, The charities of San Francisco, by Charles Kelley Jenness, is a replication of a book originally published before 1894. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.


Metal-Based Neurodegeneration: From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapeutic Strategies (Revised)

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Neurodegenerative diseases of the human brain appear in various forms, resulting in disorders of movement and coordination, cognitive deterioration and psychiatric disturbances. Many of the key factors leading to neurodegenerative diseases are similar, including the dysfunction of metal ion homeostasis, redox-active metal ions generating oxidative stress, and intracellular inclusion bodies.Metal-based Neurodegeneration presents a detailed survey of the molecular origins of neurodegenerative diseases. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific disease, presenting the latest scientific findings, including details of their biochemical actors (proteins or peptides), their normal and pathological conformations, and a description of the diseases characteristics, with an emphasis on the role of metal-induced oxidative stress, which can result in the production of intracellular aggregates of target proteins and peptides.Topics covered include: Brain function, physiology and the blood-brain barrierImmune system and neuroinflammationAging and mild cognitive impairment, MCIParkinsons DiseaseAlzheimers DiseaseCreutzfelt-Jakob and related prion diseasesAlcoholic Brain DamageTherapeutic strategies to combat the onset and progression of neurological diseasesThis extensively updated, full colour, second edition of Metal-based Neurodegeneration is an essential text for research scientists and clinicians working in gerontology, neuropathology, neurochemistry, and metalloprotein mechanisms.


Exact Philosophy: Problems, Tools, and Goals

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Exact Philosophy: Problems, Tools, and Goals
M Bunge

The papers that follow were read and discussed at the first Symposium on Exact Philosophy. This conference was held at Montreal on November 4th and 5th, 1971, to celebrate the sesquicentennial of McGill University and establish the Society for Exact Philosophy. The expression exact philosophy is taken to signify mathematical phi losophy, i.e., philosophy done with the explicit help of mathematical logic and mathematics. So far the expression denotes an attitude rather than a fully blown discipline: it intends to convey the intention to try and pro ceed in as exact a manner as we can in formulating and discussing phi losophical problems and theories. The kind of philosophy we wish to practice and promote is disciplined rather than wild, systematic rather than disconnected, and capable of being argued over rather than oracular. We believe that even metaphysics, notoriously riotous, can be subjected to the control of logic and mathematics. Even the history of philosophy, notoriously unsystematic, can benefit from an exact reconstruction of some classical ideas.


Vinte e Dois, A Realidade Crua Dura e Nua

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A vida no interior do estado de São Paulo pode não ser tão pacata quando se está na casa dos vinte. Diferente da loucura das metrópoles e distante do romântico interior caipira, um lugar sem identidade, onde os abismos sociais criam mundos que nem todos conhecem; que não aparecem nas novelas e filmes, mas que estão lá, pululando como baratas, fervilhando no subterrâneo. E, aos vinte, quanto mais se luta para sair deste esgoto, mais a sociedade - e seu sistema esmagador - te empurra para baixo; não há como lutar contra ela. Em meio a isso, personagens marginais, perdedores, loucos, sonhadores, doentes, relacionamentos fracassados, sexo, drogas, violência, álcool, amores, paixões, encruzilhadas e empregos braçais, o jovem Vicente Bonanni tenta sobreviver - e manter acesa uma fagulha de esperança.


Nonparametric Statistical Methods and Related Topics: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor P K Bhattacharya on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday

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This volume consists of 22 research papers by leading researchers in Probability and Statistics. Many of the papers are focused on themes that Professor Bhattacharya has published on research. Topics of special interest include nonparametric inference, nonparametric curve fitting, linear model theory, Bayesian nonparametrics, change point problems, time series analysis and asymptotic theory.This volume presents state-of-the-art research in statistical theory, with an emphasis on nonparametric inference, linear model theory, time series analysis and asymptotic theory. It will serve as a valuable reference to the statistics research community as well as to practitioners who utilize methodology in these areas of emphasis.Contents: Review Papers: On the Scholarly Work of P K Bhattacharya (P Hall & F J Samaniego)The Propensity Score and Its Role in Causal Inference (C Drake & T Loux)Recent Tests for Symmetry with Multivariate and Structured Data: A Review (S G Meintanis & J Ngatchou-Wandji)Papers on General Nonparametric Inference: On Robust Versions of Classical Tests with Dependent Data (J Jiang)Density Estimation by Sampling from Stationary Continuous Time Parameter Associated Processes (G G Roussas & D Bhattacharya)A Short Proof of the Feigin Tweedie Theorem on the Existence of the Mean Functional of a Dirichlet Process (J Sethuraman)Max Min Bernstein Polynomial Estimation of a Discontinuity in Distribution (K-S Song)U-Statistics Based on Higher-Order Spacings (D D Tung & S R Jammalamadaka)Nonparametric Models for Non-Gaussian Longitudinal Data (N Zhang, H-G Muller and J-L Wang)Papers on Aspects of Linear or Generalized Linear Models: Better Residuals (R Beran)The Use of Peters Belson Regression in Legal Cases (E Bura, J L Gastwirth & H Hikawa)On a Hybrid Approach to Parametric and Nonparametric Regression (P Burman & P Chaudhuri)Nonparametric Regression Models with Integrated Covariates (Z Cai)A Dynamic Test for Misspecification of a Linear Model (M P McAssey & F Hsieh) Component Decomposition of the Basic Martingale (W Stute)Papers on Time Series Analysis: moothing Using Blockwise Least Squares Fitting (A Aue & T C M Lee)Some Recent Advances in Semiparametric Estimation of the GARCH Model (J Di & A Gangopadhyay)Extreme Dependence in Multivariate Time Series: A Review (R Sen & Z Tan)Dynamic Mixed Models for Irregularly Observed Water Quality Data (R H Shumway)Papers on Asymptotic Theory: Asymptotic Behavior of the Kernel Density Estimators for Nonstationary Dependent Random Variables with Binned Data (J-F Lenain, M Harel & M L Puri)Convergence Rates of an Improved Isotonic Regression Estimator (H Mukerjee)Asymptotic Distribution of the Smallest Eigenvalue of Wishart(N, n) When N, n Such That N/n 0 (D Paul)Curriculum Vitae: Curriculum Vitae of Prodyot K BhattacharyaReadership: Graduate students and researchers in nonparametric statistics and stochastic analysis.


Birds of a Maryland Farm

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Birds of a Maryland farm. A local study of economic ornithology (1902). This book, Birds of a Maryland farm, by Sylvester Dwight Judd, is a replication of a book originally published before 1902. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.


Socialism National or International Routledge Library Editions: Political Science Volume 48

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Dr. Borkenau discusses the ideals of international socialism in the light of the realities of a world of strife and struggle. He maintains that socialist internationalism of the old type has little relation to the problems of the present. The world has become much more nationalist, and the labour movements of all countries have had to give in to the forces of nationalism. He is sceptical of the revival of liberal-democratic internationalism in the League, and the attempt to revive the League in the shape of a Federal Union. He believes however, that powerful forces are working in the direction of the growth of supernational units, and points to symptoms of an impending sudden collapse of nationalism which would enable Labour to put itself at the head of an Anglo-American peace similar to the Roman piece which for centuries gave quiet and prosperity to the world.

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