father turned her into tough nails..

Red Sky at Night, Lovers Delight

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by Jane Aiken Hodge

Category: Architecture

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: none
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781448213115
  • Edition Language: English

This old school historical romance was first published in 1977. It was recently reissued on Amazons Kindle. Dark at times, it is about the struggle of a young heiress who had lost everything. Or did she?Kate Warrender had some problems. Her father committed suicide after an evening of gambling, her brother is presumed dead, and her mother and her were left with her familys estate which was to be entailed. So what is a twenty-year-old woman suppose to do? Dress up like a man, of course. In disguise as her cousin Kit she meets a neighbor who is moody on a good day and gloomy/grouchy most all of the other times. He/she talks Lord Hawth into considering hiring the Warrenders to work for him. Up to this point, the nobleman had done a supreme job to earn the title, Father In Denial. Soon, Kate becomes a governess of sorts to his three illegitimate children while her mother is hired on as a housekeeper. He leaves the women to fend for themselves.The story contained some light suspense with spying and smuggling issues: a real concern at the time. There is also a Yankee cousin, George Warren, that Kate is first introduced to as Kit; he eventually becomes important in her life. The romance itself is light compared to what is written today. My problem was Kate changing back and forth between herself and her male counterpart. At moments, I had a hard time keeping up with everything. I kept thinking as I read the book that the author was trying to cover too many bases. I am giving it two stars for okay.



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