father turned her into tough nails..

Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech

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A seductive cookbook celebrating the feasts and flavors of the Middle East and North Africa. Greg and Lucy Malouf have compiled this collection of mouthwatering recipes inspired by the flavors of North Africa, Spain, the eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East-regions united by a common thread that winds its way back to Arabia. Moorish begins with recipes for spice blends, dressings, relishes, pickles, and preserves that best define the cuisine. With these basics, youll be able to transform the most mundane ingredients into delicious snacks and soups, meat, vegetable and poultry dishes, and irresistible cakes and desserts. Toss preserved lemon through risotto, or spice up a Sunday lamb roast with a baharat spice mix. Transform humble chicken paillard with savory cumin butter, or try Atlantic salmon grilled with sumac. For dessert, make a delectable mango tart filled with orange-blossom water, or liven up weekend breakfast with hot lemon fritters and cinnamon sugar. Greg and Lucy want people to become as comfortable with the ingredients, techniques, and dishes in Moorish as they are with more familiar foods. Beautifully photographed and written in Lucys engaging style, Moorish is, above all, a passionate celebration of flavor that will inspire and delight the adventurous home cook.


Barbie Superstar

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Barbie ist verwirrt! Sie soll in der Jonny-Rivers-Show tanzen! Barbie als Fernsehstar, da freuen sich auch Skipper und Ken. Was sich so traumthaft anhört, wird aber schon bald zu einem Albtraum. Kaum etwas geht glatt. Und der undurchsichtige Mr. Armadio von der Agentur BELLE scheint da irgendwie seine Finger mit im Spiel zu haben...


Männerfallen(Mira Valensky #15)

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Blank 133x176
Männerfallen(Mira Valensky #15)
Eva Rossmann

Eva Rossmann wurde 1962 in Graz geboren. Sie arbeitete als Verfassungsjuristin im Bundeskanzleramt und war später als politische Journalistin tätig. Als Mitinitiatorin des österreichischen Frauenvolksbegehrens und als Wahlkampfkoordinatorin der Quereinsteigerin Gertraud Knoll bei den österreichischen Bundespräsidentschaftswahlen 1998 sammelte sie politische Erfahrungen. Eva Rossmann lebt als Autorin im Weinviertel und veröffentlichte zahlreiche Sachbücher. Vor einigen Jahren wechselte Eva Rossmann mit ihrer Reihe um die Lifestyle-Journalistin Mira Valensky aus Wien, die erstaunliche Ähnlichkeiten zu ihrer Schöpferin aufzeigt, erfolgreich ins Krimi-Genre.


Afghan Proverbs Illustrated (Polish Edition): In Polish and Dari Persian

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By popular demand, the best-loved Afghan Proverbs from Captain Edward Zellems acclaimed Zarbul Masalha: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs are now available in a bilingual Polish-Dari edition of his second book, Afghan Proverbs Illustrated. Translated into Polish by Natalie Antonowicz. The Polish-Dari (Afghan Farsi) edition is in full-color and large text for readers of either language. It features a fully-indexed, bilingual vocabulary and keywords. Afghan Proverbs Illustrated: Polish Edition is designed for readers and students of any age, especially those studying Polish or Dari. The vibrant and colorful art by Afghan high school students catches the eye of even the youngest readers, and lends meaning to new vocabulary words in both languages. Each Afghan Proverb is translated and transliterated in Polish and Dari, and is accompanied by related keywords in Polish and Dari for vocabulary building and reflection. Net proceeds benefit Afghan-led literacy programs in Afghanistan for a new generation of free Afghans. Available in over 35 countries in bilingual English, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese and Polish editions.


More Commanders Lost Treasures You Can in Georgia

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The AMAZING SEQUEL to Lost Treasures in the State of Georgia. Commander, one of the Worlds Top Treasure Hunters who has written over 200 individual Lost Treasure History Books, is your own personal How-To Treasure Hunt Coach and Treasure Historian. Whether its lost Spanish Gold, Lost Gold Mine and even Lost Cities or Civilizations - Commander has done it and you can too. The accounts of Lost Treasures in this comprehensive series come directly from the personal case files of Commander. Lost Treasure is out there - in fact, $14 TRILLION is waiting to be claimed and no one person or team can find it all. Commander, opening his top-secret research files, not only retells the legends, but presents his proven 3x3x3 Lost Treasure Locating Secrets. Use Commanders techniques to verify, track down and recover Lost Treasures. His system is proven to work and now you can take the same steps a Certified Professional Cacheologist (Professional Treasure Hunter) takes to win and win big. Stop dreaming of fortunes and go find those fortunes. Step by step procedures combined with actual facts, figures and the who, what, when, where and how of real treasures stories on a state-by-state basis.


Fifty Years of Revolution: Perspectives on Cuba, the United States, and the World

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In the years since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, eleven men have served as president of the United States, arguably the most powerful nation on earth. Yet none of them has been able to effect any significant change in the stalemate between the United States and Cuba, its closest neighbor not to share a land border.Fifty Years of Revolution features contributions from an international Whos Who gallery of leading scholars. The volume adopts a uniquely nonpartisan attitude, a departure from this topics generally divisive nature.Emerging from a series of meetings, conference panels, and lectures, the book coheres more strongly than the typical essay collection. Organized to analyze--not describe--Cubas foreign relations, the work examines sanctions, the embargo, regime change, Guantanamo, the exile community, and more.Drawing from personal experiences as well as recently declassified documents, these essays update, summarize, and explain one of the prickliest political issues in the Western Hemisphere today.


No Hay Instante Sin Milagro

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Pedro Calderon de la Barca (Madrid, 1600-Madrid, 1681). Espana.Su padre era noble y escribano en el consejo de hacienda del rey. Se educo en el colegio imperial de los jesuitas y mas tarde entro en las universidades de Alcala y Salamanca, aunque no se sabe si llego a graduarse.Tuvo una juventud turbulenta. Incluso se le acusa de la muerte de algunos de sus enemigos. En 1621 se nego a ser sacerdote, y poco despues, en 1623, empezo a escribir y estrenar obras de teatro. Escribio mas de ciento veinte, otra docena larga en colaboracion y alrededor de setenta autos sacramentales. Sus primeros estrenos fueron en corrales.Entre 1635 y 1637, Calderon de la Barca fue nombrado caballero de la Orden de Santiago. Por entonces publico veinticuatro comedias en dos volumenes y La vida es sueno (1636), su obra mas celebre. En la decada siguiente vivio en Cataluna y, entre 1640 y 1642, combatio con las tropas castellanas. Sin embargo, su salud se quebranto y abandono la vida militar. Entre 1647 y 1649 la muerte de la reina y despues la del principe heredero provocaron el cierre de los teatros, por lo que Calderon tuvo que limitarse a escribir autos sacramentales.Calderon murio mientras trabajaba en una comedia dedicada a la reina Maria Luisa, mujer de Carlos II el Hechizado. Su hermano Jose, hombre pendenciero, fue uno de sus editores mas fieles.


Cozy Cat Sam

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You and your children will enjoy this delightful childrens e-book. Cozy cat Sam is searching for a cozy place to take his nap. How hard could it be for him to find a soft, quiet place to rest his cozy cat head? Follow Sam as he searches throughout the house, looking for that one special place that is just perfect for him.


Themes and Dreams

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Alt cover edition for ASIN B00DSHK7K0Themes and Dreams is the first published collection of short stories by Andrea R. Cunningham. The book consists of mostly fiction tales of love, loss, yearning and things that you wonder about in lifes experiences.


European Heroes: Myth, Identity, Sport

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Historians of popular culture have recently been addressing the role of myth, and now it is time that social historians of sport also examined it. The contributors to this collection of essays explore the symbolic meanings that have been attached to sport in Europe by considering some of the mythic heroes who have dominated the sporting landscapes of their own countries. The ambition is to understand what these icons stood for in the eyes of those who watched or read about these vessels into which poured all manner of gender, class and patriotic expectations.

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