father turned her into tough nails..

Evrard dEthe

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Moi, l’écrivain des faits et dits ci-après, ai résolu de les coucher sur ces feuillets,… afin que… tous mes frères bienveillants des âges qui s’écouleront après moy, puissent s’entretenir par accointance ou familiarité des choses qui sont miennes céans & dans mon temps, et qui, si elles ne leur procurent point plaisance, leur pourront être utiles dans leurs jours, étant donné notre commune humanité.Ainsi parle Evrard, seigneur d’Èthe, prévôt de la Renaissance, contemporain de François Ier. Il vit � la frontière du Royaume de France et des Pays-Bas, au sein du Duché de Luxembourg. Il nous entraîne, par petites séquences, dans les aventures quotidiennes de son existence : sa naissance en hiver, son éducation au village, son admiration pour son père sportif et son grand-père inventeur, sa scolarisation au collège des Jérômites de Liège, ses tâches diplomatiques auprès du Prince de Liège, son emploi de poète et espion � la Cour de Charles-Quint, sa vie amoureuse avec Iréna la flamboyante et Barbe aux yeux verts, son amitié avec les mystérieux chevaliers teutoniques.Le roman dessine avec soin et dans un langage fluide, toute l’atmosphère du XVIe siècle, avec la naissance de l’humanisme, la redécouverte des auteurs gréco-romains, les guerres d’Italie, l’éclosion du protestantisme, les sociétés secrètes, la vie des nobles et des paysans…Bref, un véritable voyage dans le temps, en compagnie d’un homme attachant.


Marine Insurance Legislation

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The book provides a heavily annotated text of English marine insurance legislation and the most important of the market clauses (the Institute Clauses) used in respect of marine policies written in the London Market. The operation of each section of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 is explained and references are given to the most important of the early cases upon which the sections are based.


Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment

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Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment
Guy Masterman

Sponsorship is both a critical communications tool for sponsors as well as a fundamental revenue stream for rights owners. Market leaders use sponsorship widely and arguably more successfully than any other communications tool to achieve competitive advantage whilst events of all sizes depend on sponsorship just to exist. As the importance of sponsorship has increased the demands of it have risen too. Now sponsors seek measurable return on their investment. Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment provides a unique insight on the use of sponsorship for a return on investment and will appeal to practitioners and undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. It builds a conceptual framework for the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of strategies for sport, arts, music and community sponsorship, and from two perspectives: * For rights owners, the importance of effectively acquiring and then developing a bespoke approach for the recruitment of sponsors for effective sponsorship programmes. * For sponsors, a better understanding of how sponsorship can be used for successful integrated marketing communications. A broad selection of examples and case studies from around the world are provided in order to demonstrate the importance of sponsorship on an international basis. * The first text to cover in-depth, sponsorship in the sports and leisure industries. * Builds a conceptual framework for the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of sponsorship strategies for both sponsors and rights owners in the sports and leisure industries. * Essential reading for both students and practitioners across the sports and leisure sectors, who need to realise the potential of sponsorship as a critical marketing communications tool.



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Джона Апдайка в Америке нередко называют самым талантливым писателем своего поколения. Кентавр- лучший и наиболее известный его роман. Эта книга не случайно включена в серию Планета людей, предназначенную прежде всего для молодых и совсем молодых людей. Кентавр - одно из главных в мировой литературе произведений о взрослении и обретении чувств, откровенное и целомудренное одновременно.


Handbook of Display Technology

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This book presents a comprehensive review of technical and commercial aspects of display technology. It provides design engineers with the information needed to select proper technology for new products. The book focuses on flat, thin displays such as light-emitting diodes, plasma display panels, and liquid crystal displays, but it also includes material on cathode ray tubes. Displays include a large number of products from televisions, auto dashboards, radios, and household appliances, to gasoline pumps, heart monitors, microwave ovens, and more. For more information on display technology, go to the experts: http: //


Mischief by Moonlight(Mischief #3)

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Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, but boys best friend gets there first. Yes poor Colin, his friend Josie grew up, he started falling for her but his best friend Nicholas won her.Colin is still in love with her, but he is a good friend, so he becomes a good friend and only that to her. And again I found myself reading about a nerdy hero who loved history (yay! my kind of guy.)Josie was a whirlwind! At times I did not think they would suit that well, I thought her sister Edwina would fit him better. But, thats the thing, you never really know. And they were already best friends too, he had a calming effect on her.And of course there is mischief going on. Josie tries to set Colin up with her sister, she even gives him a potion. There is a London season and these two slowly moving even closer. But there is that bog cloud, she is in love with someone else, or is she?A fun mischievous book.


The Womans Holistic Guide to Divorce: Simple, Practical, and Light-Hearted Tips for Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Going Your Separate Way

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A result of the authors own experience finding her way through a particularly traumatizing divorce, this guide includes the usual self-help aspect as well as stories and advice that other women were willing to share with the author to help any woman sail through a turbulent time. Offering a fresh and uncommon perspective beyond the already long list of books on divorce that focus on getting through a break ups emotional toll or how to deal with children, the books usefulness covers a comprehensive list of solutions to challenges that arise from attorneys offering legal and financial advice to saving on cosmetics and holiday gifts. There is a practical list of household hints as well as methods for helping kids get through such an upsetting period and ways to confront health issues that arise as a result of a stressful time. The author stresses the importance of such a life transition and how this guide can be a safety net providing a myriad of suggestions that help women move from a victim status to regaining their strength of inner peace and wisdom. Every woman who finds herself in the middle of a break up will find this the ideal all-inclusive companion for moving on. WENDI SCHULLER is a pseudonym for a published author who has conducted classes on various subjects. She draws upon her knowledge as a nurse, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP), and hypnotherapist, providing a blueprint to guide women through this difficult transition. Schuller hired an attorney for a court divorce, but decided to go the collaborative route instead and has worked with a mediator post-divorce. Her passion is international travel and she devised savvy cost-cutting measures to achieve this dream. Schuller worked in the public schools and observed firsthand the effects of divorce on children. Her aim is to have families experience a smoother divorce, keeping their sanity intact and obtaining the healthiest outcome possible.


Property Law and Social Morality

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Property Law and Social Morality develops a theory of property that highlights the social construction of obligations that individuals owe each other. By viewing property law through the lens of obligations rather than through the lens of rights, the author affirms the existence of important property rights (when no obligation to another exists) and defines the scope of those rights (when an obligation to another does exist). By describing the scope of the decisions that individuals are permitted to make and the requirements of other-regarding decisions, the author develops a single theory to explain the dynamics of private and common property, including exclusion, nuisance, shared decision making, and decision making over time. The development of social recognition norms adds to our understanding of property evolution, and the principle of equal freedom underlying social recognition that limit government interference with property rights.

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